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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:13

Çatom'l Women in Action

Çatom'l Women in Action
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Mardin's Multi-Purpose Community Centres ( ÇATOM) women come together to condemn the violent acts of rape and women did.

Mardin news: Mardin's Multi-Purpose Community Centres ( ÇATOM) women come together rape and violence to condemn the actions made ​​.
Mardin Artuklu county highways in the Park coming together Artuklu , Nasibin Kızıltepe, Dargeçit and other districts in the ÇATOM consisting of women trainees did a press release here . Official Wishes Rose ÇATOM Sınavu ,'Gap Mesopotamia to Turkey and Women'Campaign has already started . The world lives on all women and girls , growing and life in every area of ​​their exposure to discrimination based on sex to avoid stating that they want Sınavu , \"the woman as well as the entire community surrounding the socio-economic conditions, political developments and cultural factors, when considered together , sex and deals inequality due to the fact it is seen that . male dominant language and culture media, both private and public areas of gender-based discrimination as a tool and the basis for reproducing carriers have been . these forms of discrimination , men and women between the unequal power relationship is an indicator of women forced a dependent're Activating social mechanism as one of the women's economic needs , social rights, and deprived known. this context, since 1995 , since the Ministry of Development GAP Presidency depending on operating in the social field , who studies Mardin ÇATOM centers March 2014-June 2014 include; Towards Gender Equality in Turkey'to Turkey and Mesopotamia GAP Women'campaign process has been initiated ; continues. With this campaign, local and national level for the prevention of violence against women to inform society , was aimed to increase awareness on gender equality of opportunity . In this connection being designed ; information and awareness campaign,'Gender equality of opportunity in the strong woman , strong communities'under the theme'Women are equal under the slogan \"national-level awareness in Turkey and gender equality in the field to share experiences and awareness creation , an important opportunity is considered ,\"he said . < br/> Women's 2-minute silent action and then their actions ended up leaving the balloon .

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